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» Combined children play facility, Г42 model

Product photo: Combined children play facility, Г42 model
Combined children play facility, Г42 model

A combined children’s facility with a high game value, consisting of a house with a slide and a tower, connected together with a tunnel. The two possible entrances to the facility are through climbing an inclined ramp or a rope net.
In order to increase the number of activities and the attractiveness of the facility, the entertainment panel “Tic-tac-toe” and a hatch for observing have been added.

Price w/o VAT:5 945.00 lv
Price with VAT:7 134.00 lv
Montage price
300.00 lv w/o VAT 
Additional features

Agе group: 3-12 years

Maximum free fall height: 100 cm

Types of games: climbing, sliding, balancing, collective games, themed games

Admissible surfaces for the fall area: grass, sand, shock-absorbing synthetic surface - 20 mm

Standards compliance: БДС EN1176-1, БДС EN1176-3, БДС EN1176-7, БДС EN71-3


Installation of playgrounds is made by metal connections and concrete footings, according to construction documents on soft ground (grass, sand) or by anchoring on hard ground.