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Playgrounds for kindergartens - Sea theme

Playgrounds with facilities and entertainment games on a sea thematic - ships, jets, different sea dwellers, life preservers, captain's bridge etc.

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Playgrounds for kindergartens - Forest theme

Playgrounds, resembling small forest houses, which is achieved by the use of facitilities with a forest thematic - forest houses, plants and animals.

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Playgrounds for kindergartens - Village animals theme

This theme is especially suitable and interesting for city children. The ability to adapt the theme of pets to the game of the kids, is ensured by using figures and profiles of village houses, pets and birds.

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Playgrounds for kindergartens - Jungle theme

The exotic worlds, which children learn about from a young age, are uniformly connected to animals, birds and plants from the jungle. Present, in the playgrounds with this theme, are bananas, hippopotamus, lion, giraffe, chameleon, parrot, monkey, panda, zebra, turtle etc. Their unusual, for our latitude, forms and colors encourage the imagination of children with new and interesting thematic games.

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Playgrounds for kinfergartens - Traveler theme

Different vehicles: trains, planes, cars, helicopters, rockets etc. have always been interesting to children and are a suitable theme, developing kids' imagination.

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Playgrounds for kindergartens - Patilantsi theme

Playgrounds from this theme are designed primarily for children's play facilities with classic forms, modules and elements. This way, they are less connected to one or other thematic niche and are suitable for different projects and exteriors.

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