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For kids up to 3 y.o.

Combined children's facilities with a huge variety of themes and game functions, compliant with the physical abilities of the youngest children. Different elements are used - mazes, tunnels, ramps for crawling, low slides, houses with benches, small balancing bridges and a lot of birds and animals. Aside from the thematic direction of most of the combined facilities, for this age group, there are also classical models with a perfect design - train with carriages and a railway station, ship, helicopter, shop etc. All of these game facilities are suitable for kindergartens or game zones for the youngest children on playgrounds.

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For kids 2-6 y.o.

This age group has the most diverse thematic games. This is the age of fairy tales, children's fantasies, dreams of professions and roles. This is why the modules of these facilities provide not only climbing and sliding, but also a multitude of opportunities for thematic games about forest and exotic animals, pets, faity tale characters. Some of the facilities are related to interesting professions - ship with a sea captain, airfield with an astronaut, circus with a clown, juggler and trained animals, train with a driver and passengers etc. Almost all of the facilities are provided with thematic game panels - rebus, maze etc. The game facilities of this group are especially suitable for playgrounds.

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For kids 3-12 y.o.

A bigger age group provides more game possibilities for children. Other extreme activities are also provided - climbing with steep ropes, climbing walls and climbing frames, going through tunnels, hanging rope bridges, narrow beams, going down spiral, tunnel and wave-shaped slides. Used here are different types of towers with roofs. Games with a higher number of children are possible.

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