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» Facility for playing with sand – “Nessie”, ИГ4-1 model

Product photo: Facility for playing with sand – “Nessie”, ИГ4-1 model
Facility for playing with sand – “Nessie”, ИГ4-1 model Facility for playing with sand – “Nessie”, ИГ4-1 model
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Facility for playing with sand, attractive to children from all ages. The facility is installed on top of a sand flooring and it contains two containers for filling and playing with sand, connected together by a platform, on top of which can be modelled sand figures. Over one of the containers, there is a “crane” with which the sand can be poured on a wheel, similar to a mill-wheel, and from there, the sand falls down on the platform.
The complete look of the facility is reminiscent of a dragon, and all of the different elements, with which it is equipped, give the opportunity for thematic and role-playing games.

Price w/o VAT:2 320.00 lv
Price with VAT:2 784.00 lv
Montage price
130.00 lv w/o VAT 
Additional features

Agе group: under 12 years

Maximum free fall height: 52 cm

Types of games: modeling with sand, themed games, communicating

Admissible surfaces for the fall area: sand

Standards compliance: БДС EN1176-1, БДС EN1176-7


Installation of playgrounds is made by metal connections and concrete footings, according to construction documents on soft ground (grass, sand) or by anchoring on hard ground.