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» Combined children play facility, Г04 model

Product photo: Combined children play facility, Г04 model
Combined children play facility, Г04 model

A wide hexagonal tower with a “palm” which can be reached by three ways in total. The first is by going up the traditional staircase with barriers. The second is by climbing the vertical wooden climbing frame and going through the mouth of the “lion”. The third is by going up the asymmetrical net ladder with its bizarre form. The second and third routes are significantly more interesting.

Price w/o VAT:4 220.00 lv
Price with VAT:5 064.00 lv
Montage price
205.00 lv w/o VAT 
Additional features

Agе group: 3-12 years

Maximum free fall height: 100 cm

Types of games: climbing, sliding, balancing, collective games

Admissible surfaces for the fall area: grass, sand, shock-absorbing synthetic surface - 20 mm

Standards compliance: БДС EN1176-1, БДС EN1176-3, БДС EN1176-7

Installation of playgrounds is made by metal connections and concrete footings, according to construction documents on soft ground (grass, sand) or by anchoring on hard ground